5 Reasons Why Your Dog Rolls Over To Show You Her Belly

Ever wonder why every time you walk in the door your normally alpha dog rolls over and shows you her belly? When a dog presents her belly and neck in this situation, she’s expressing an ancestral trait rooted in wolf pack behavior that was used to communicate deference to other “alpha” dogs. Since that pack mentality likely isn’t present in her modern-day life, she’s now looking to you as the pack leader. Here are 5 reasons that will help you understand why your dog rolls over to show you her belly. normal iop dog

5. Because They Love and Trust You 

normal iop dog


Happy dogs who show you their belly when you return home may be doing their best to let you know that they adore you. The entire body is relaxed and they’re in their most submissive posture waiting for some love.

4. Because They Respect You and Want You to Know it

normal iop dog

Hierarchy means everything in the canine world. By purposely exposing her vulnerable underbelly, your dog is communicating to you that she comes in peace and recognized your alpha authority.teamwork dog training

3. Because They Feel Totally Safe

normal iop dog

Confident adult dogs in their own homes roll on their backs and get into a relaxed posture when taking naps – usually on the sofa or your bed.n ormal iop dog

2. To Air Out

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Although dogs attempt to regulate their body temperature by panting, some may park themselves next to circulating fans or air conditioner vents on hot days to catch the cool breeze on their bellies where there tends to be less hair in an attempt to cool down.

1. Because They Love Their Bellies Rubbed

normal iop dog

Dogs’ bellies are very sensitive and their belly is the one place they normally can’t reach on their own. This is a sign of trust in you and it feels great for them!