5 Strong Reasons You Should Cuddle Your Dog More Often

Most dog owners would agree that you don’t need a reason to cuddle your dog more often — if anything, a dog’s stare and nuzzle is enough to melt any pooch lover’s heart. There are, however, actual benefits to cuddling and petting your furry best friend. Here are 5 Strong Reasons You Should Cuddle Your Dog More Often emotional support dog

#5. Dogs are cute

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Sometimes, dogs act like they were put on this earth to be cuddled — and that’s a hard purpose for any dog owner to ignore. Whether your pup is a dachshund or a rottweiler, a lab or a boxer, all dogs deserve love and care — and for every second of cuddling, they’ll swear a lifetime of loyalty and respect to you. Unless they’re corgis. So stubborn.

#4. It can beat away at depression

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Increased levels of oxytocin and social interaction are inversely related to depression — alongside serotonin, dopamine, and all the other lovely brain cocktails that make you forget about being mopey and dopey. Besides, anyone knows that cuddling a cute, eagerly loving animal is the best cure for clinical sadness.emotional support dog

#3. It can also lower your risk of stroke

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It’s simple — if you give yourself more time to relax and unwind, you lower your chances of experiencing a stroke. A stroke is when your brain’s blood and oxygen supply is dangerously restricted — and it can occur for any number of reasons, from constricted blood vessels to a hemorrhage. Cuddling your dog — or anyone else you love for that matter can help you avoid a stroke. Make sure to include dosages of laughter and healthy, delicious food.

#2. Cuddling your dog can release stress

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Cuddling your dog isn’t just good for your pet — it’s great for you. While oxytocin is released, human cortisol levels drop, alongside a calmed heart rate after a session of petting and cuddling. Cortisol is your body’s stress hormone, used to bring about metabolic action to help you deal with your “hostile” environment and regulate your body — but excess levels lead to a physical breakdown.

#1. Cuddling your pet may even help release insulin

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Research shows that naturally-produced oxytocin may be functional as an insulin-secreting drug. That means oxytocin release could potentially help combat obesity and diabetes — but don’t let cuddles be your primary path towards losing weight.