The Right Way to Bond With Your Dog

Dogs are one of the best friends you will ever have, but that doesn’t mean your relationship doesn’t take work. Building a bond with a dog can actually be quite challenging, especially if your best friend has a past life that wasn’t very nice. Here are 5 ways you can strengthen your bond with your dog – whether you just adopted him or you have owned him for 8 years. dog care knowledge

#5. *Pay attention to their body language

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Learn about canine behavior and read up on body language specifically. This will help you understand what your dog likes, dislikes and what scares them. This will allow you to prevent problems before they start, and to remove your dog from situations that scare them or make them uncomfortable. Once they learn that you will keep them safe, the trust between you will grow. Also, this will allow you to prevent bad behavior before it happens, meaning less frustration and less punishment, both of which can hurt the bond with your dog.

#4. *Playing with them

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Have fun, let loose and let them be a dog. Toss a ball around the yard or play tug of war. Learn their favorite games, buy some of their favorite types of toys, and just play. Not only will it help strengthen your bond, but it will also relax and allow you to truly enjoy what it means to have a dog in your life. It’s not all hard work and frustration after all!

#3. *Remain calm

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Yes, owning a dog – especially a puppy – comes with frustrations and anxiousness. And sometimes it’s not even about your dog, but life in general. But yelling, screaming and throwing a temper tantrum will frighten most dogs, even if that anger isn’t directed at them personally. And if it is, then it’s even more damaging. Do your best to always speak to your dog in a calm voice, even when they just ate your favorite shoes. Yelling doesn’t do anything to fix the problem, it only causes lasting damage to the relationship you have with your dog.

#2. *Have Quiet Time Together

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This may sound strange, but when was the last time you really just sat with your dog and focused on him? Petting him in his favorite spots, telling him your secrets? No TV, no smartphone – just you and him? Trust us, your dog notices and appreciates a little “you and him” time.

#1. *Training

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Yes, a well-bonded dog will be easier to train, but it goes the other way as well. Training your dog will help you bond with them. Not only is a trained dog allowed more personal freedom, but the mere act of training them – in a positive fashion – will bring you closer together.