How To Get Your Dog To Love You More

The relationship you have with your dog can improve your life in many ways. Not only can it teach you about how to have a loving relationship and give selflessly, it can also help you learn the satisfaction of patience, consistency, and loyalty. Training your dog and interacting with your dog to build a relationship can prepare you to be a great parent as you get used to taking care of your dog on a daily basis. You will see how they love you more when you do things they appreciate. Here are some ways to get your dog to love you more. dog health insurance

5. Be the Sole Provider

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We all know that the quickest way to the canine heart is by being the person with the tastiest dog treats. If you want your new dog to consider you his #1 human, you’ll have to be the one that feeds them their CANIDAE and hands out all of the TidNips and Snap-Bits. It’s not a job you can shove off on another family member, and it means you will have to be there when they need to eat. It’s a commitment to take care of their needs. dog health insurance

4. Bond With the Dog

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When kept as pets inside a home, dogs are limited in terms of social relations; they cannot simply walk down the street and play with other dogs if you do not allow it. For this reason, going for a walk is a wonderful option to start defining your relationship. Let the dog sniff, approach other dogs if well socialized, and even other people if they allow it.

The dog will appreciate it if you spend time with them playing games, cuddling or petting them. Dogs are sociable and easy-going, and they will mostly enjoy all shows of affection. If your dog is very active and energetic, why not go exercise with them?

Spending time with a dog is a very useful way to get to know each other, and they will highly value very highly your attention. dog health insurance

3. Shower the Love

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Make sure you are the one providing the love, affection and belly rub your dog needs. I’m not saying that other family members can’t also do this, but you should be the one primarily petting your dog. If you’re not, then don’t be surprised if they don’t bond well with you.

2. Become the Playmate

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Dogs don’t just love to go for a walk, they need the exercise. They also need the interaction of playtime with their owner. Naturally, they are going to prefer and go to the person that plays with them.

This step plays a huge role getting your dog to like you best. Given that, it’s also one that you need to give heavy consideration to before choosing a dog to bring home. Research the breed to find out how active they are. You’ll want to be compatible on this level. Someone who likes to spend most of their time indoors might not enjoy a dog that loves to run outside and vice versa.

1. Be the Pack Leader

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This step can be hard, especially when all you really want is a dog to be your companion and playmate. But dogs are pack animals – and every pack needs a leader. If you want to be the apple of your pet’s eye, then you will have to train your dog, set rules and enforce the rules.

Be firm, fair and reward good behavior, and you’ll earn your new furry companion’s respect and devotion.