8 Surprising And Secret Ways Your Dog Says ‘I Love You’

99% of dog owners love their pet and sometimes consider him a family member in their own right.

But can we say the same … the reverse? Fortunately, there are several unstoppable techniques to answer this question. Thanks to the following points, you will be able, by analyzing the behavior of your dog, to know if he likes you. And if so, how far! dog health insurance

Here are 8 proofs that your dog loves you homeowners insurance without dog breed restrictions

#8 – Staring directly into your eyes

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According to the dog expert Brian Hare, “When a dog looks you straight in the eye, it’s like he’s hugging you by the look. In other words, a sign of immense affection!

Several studies have shown that when your dog stares at you while you’re playing together, cuddling you or at least sharing a moment, it releases into your body oxytocin, the same hormone that helps moms bond with their babies after birth. This is to say if the link between the owner and his dog can be strong.

#7 – Yawning when you yawn

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Yawning is contagious. But did you know it was not just for humans? Indeed, dogs are so close to men that they yawn very often to be influenced by the people they love. Their masters, in the first place, obviously.

A recent study has shown that when a human yawn is because he has just seen someone yawning, it proves that he has empathy for him. Hard to say for dogs. But in any case, it necessarily means that something happens between the two individuals and that a connection exists!

#6 – Leaning on you

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Sometimes a dog sticks to his master because he is anxious, needs him to do something or wants to bring him somewhere. But often, it is also an important symbol of affection. Even if your pet relies on you simply because he is nervous and seeks to be reassured, it is the proof that he thinks that you’re there to protect him and keep him safe! A good proof that he considers you the person who watches over him.

#5 – Cuddling with you after a meal

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In his book “How dogs love us,” Gregory Berns explains that if a dog comes to hug you after eating, it is because he loves you and needs you close to him.

Everyone knows that pets, and dogs in particular, are very attracted to food. But once they’ve got it, they would not theoretically “need us anymore,” that’s where they do things without calculating. In other words, if your dog comes to you after a good meal, it is because he loves you very much and for good!

#4 – Lifting and wiggling eyebrows

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Many people think that the dog’s tail can read his emotions. But his facial expressions are also an accurate indicator.

In a study conducted in Japan, dogs were put in the presence of their masters, foreigners, canine toys, and objects they do not like.

At the sight of their owners, they lifted their eyebrows, especially the left. On the other hand, when they saw a stranger, their faces were much more fixed, and only the right eyebrow rose.

In the presence of a toy, it was the left eyebrow that moved and wrinkled. But when it was the turn of the object they did not like, the reaction of the right eyebrow was not long in coming! According to research, this proves that dogs are more reserved when they are with people they do not know or little, or in the presence of a person, they don’t like.

#3 – Watching you leave calmly

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Some people think that if their dogs panic when they leave the house, it’s because they want to stay with them and that’s how they show their love. But according to Gregory Berns, dog specialist, everything would not be so simple …

If your dog panics when you leave, it is more anxiety and fear of loneliness than a real revealer of feelings. On the other hand, when your dog accepts that you leave and remains calm and quiet, it is because he loves you deeply and trusts you. He knows you will come back.

#2 – Freaking out when you return

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We all feel a bit special when we come home and our dog greeted us, with his tail moving in all directions. We’re right to feel important because, in these moments, your pet shows you his love in the truest way!

#1 – Sleeping in your room

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Another way to know if your dog really loves you? Watch where he sleeps. If your pet just slips into your bed and does everything to sleep near you, it’s a real proof of love!

According to Gregory Berns, the expert on the canine issue, if your furry friend wants to sleep with you, it’s because he knows you’ll look after him during the night. Indeed, animals know that they are vulnerable during their sleep, and placing their fate in your hands is an important mark of confidence.