5 Amazing Tips on Getting Your Cat to Be More Affectionate

Contrary to what those tired old stereotypes say (cats are aloof; cats want to be left alone; cats don’t bond with people, etc.), many felines are total love bugs. Many cats crave affection from humans and will return the love. However, because every cat is an individual, some will naturally be more affectionate than others. It depends on several factors. Some things simply can’t be changed, such as inborn personality traits and the way they were treated in the past by other humans before you. Luckily, a third factor – the things you do with and for your cat – can absolutely change the level of affection you get from them. It may take time, patience, understanding, and determination, but improvements can be made. pretty please cat

Here are some things you can do to develop a stronger bond with your cat and encourage them to be more affectionate…

5. Meet Their Basic Needs

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This has to be the very first thing because when you meet your cat’s needs they are happy. And a happy cat will naturally feel more affectionate toward the humans who are meeting her needs. See how it’s all one big circle? So make sure the litterbox is scooped daily and provide several types of scratching posts, an assortment of cat toys, access to fresh clean water, and a portion of high-quality food in the flavors your cat finds palatable.

4. Spread Your Scent

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Cats have a very sensitive sense of smell and they often associate certain smells with certain feelings similar to us. So you can take your cat’s bed and rub it to spread your scent or you can put something of yours into your cat’s bed. In this way, your cat will associate your scent with the peaceful and relaxing state.first time cat owner guide

3. Give Your Cat Affection But Don’t Push The Limit

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Shy cats just like humans want affection too, so talk to your cat often and in a friendly and soothing voice. in this way, the cat will learn to distinguish that you are no threat and that you are a friend. Never yell or punish your cat and most importantly never chase her because that is only going to make your cat run away from you. Just do everything in your cat’s terms and be patient.

2. Provide Positive Reinforcement With Treats

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Reward your cat with a treat every time you share an affectionate moment to teach her about the advantages of social behavior. You can try these techniques:

– If you are sat on your chair or sipping something on the floor, throw treats to your cat, and each time throw them closer and closer to you so that the cat comes to you.
– Arrange for the cat to eat out of the palm of your hand but place it on your lap and do not release the treat until the cat places her paws on your lap. This will help your cat to associate a pleasing experience with lap cuddles.

1. Do Not Let Your Cat Hide

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Antisocial cat tends to hide in small and dark places such as under the beds, under the closets, basically anywhere where they can find a place to hide. So, gradually block out all these hiding spaces so that the cat is pushed out to play or rest in plain view around people.

Also, provide and create more cat space and by that I mean to get things like a cat tree, cat shelves and cat tubes, the things where your cat can be and where she could feel comfortable. Do not feed your cat under the bed because that is only going to encourage the isolating behavior.

Getting a cat to be more affectionate is a quest that can be achieved over time by showering her with a great amount of love and attention.