6 Weird Reasons Why Your Cat Licks You

We people tend to imagine that when animals lick us, they are showing us their admiration. But, is that really precise, particularly when the tongue of your feline feels like it’s sanding your skin off? Or is there some other reason they are so fixated on conveying relentless tongue lashings? cat health insurance plans

So what is it that makes cats lick people? Here are 6 weird reasons why.

#6 —They’re paying you a huge compliment

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A tongue bath from your cat is an indication that she feels totally safe in your presence. You are truly a member of her family, and she reinforces that by cleaning you like her mother cleaned her when she was a kitten.

#5 – They’re showing affection

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Felines groom each other as a show of warmth and affection, so it’s reasonable to expect the same applies when they begin grooming you. You are a piece of their family and they need you to feel as cherished as they did when their mother licked them as a kitten.

#4 – They’re marking you as part of their territory

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A language bath from your cat indicates that he feels totally confident with you. You are an integral part of his family and he accentuates this feeling by cleaning you in the same way as his mother when he was little.

#3 – They have anxiety

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Some cats are so stressed that they begin to compulsively lick. Cats who do not stop licking themselves try to reassure themselves because they are stressed. Sometimes kittens lick and suck tissue, plastic, and even your skin.

#2 – They’re cleaning you

One of the reasons why cats nurture each other is the cleansing of places a cat alone cannot reach, such as the top of the head and the ears. When your cat licks you, they think they are doing you a favor by keeping you clean.

#1 – You taste interesting

Maybe you have spilled something and your cat wants to have a taste. Maybe it’s just the normal salty taste of your skin. Either way, you are unlike any other cat, so your cat can simply enjoy your unique taste.