How To Raise A Friendly Cat

If there’s one thing that all cat parents know, it would be that having a cat is like having a kid. There are a lot of responsibilities that you have to do, and the pressure of raising them right is hanging on your shoulders. And just like children, cats can be out of control too. But one thing’s for sure, we get to impart something to them that will help shape their characters. cat gut health

Here are our tips on how to raise a friendly cat

5. Teach them to come when you call them

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There is a sense of a deeper relationship when your cat runs to you immediately when she’s called. You can practice that by constantly calling out their names and give them treats whenever they come near you. Now that your cat knows his name, he wouldn’t be shy when people call for him. He’ll be friendly towards them knowing that whenever someone calls his name, it’s always someone whom he can trust… Head over to the next page cat gut health