7 Fun Ways to Tire Out Your Dog

Is your dog in constant motion? Is it impossible to calm her down, no matter how many walks she gets? Your high energy dog needs to channel her drive into appropriate outlets and fortunately, it might be easier and less time consuming to do than you realize. It’s important to try to tire out your dog physically, but remember that dogs have creative, active minds that need stimulation as best buddy dog training

The following are tips and tricks that address the body and brain, and will turn a can’t-stop canine into a chilled-out companion: dog exercise classes near me

#7. Invest in Tug Toys

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Playing “tug of war” with your dog was once considered taboo because of concerns that it might lead to aggressive behavior. While the game can encourage a passionate response from canine players, instilling a few rules keeps it positive and engages your dog physically and mentally.

Tug is appropriate for dogs of all ages and can be played inside or out. To get started, find an appropriately-sized dog toy to use as your tug item (one that puts at least six inches between your hand and your dog’s mouth). You should always be the one to begin and end the game, and your dog should know how to drop the toy when you ask. Make time during the match for quick training breaks. Ask your dog to sit and stay, take a few moments to rest, then get back to the action…Head over to the next page best buddy dog traininmy