6 Things You Should Never Do To Your Dog

Dogs really are a man’s best friend. They make us laugh, keep us company, and just make life better. Everyone should own a dog. In fact, some people argue that everyone should own a couple of dogs. dog health insurance

Taking care of a dog isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Dogs are a lot of work, but they give back a whole lot of love. Providing proper care will make a dog happier and help the two of you bond. That means knowing the do’s and don’ts of pet ownership. dog health articles

Dog lovers know many of the right things to do with their pets like give them love, food, and shelter. However, there are some things you don’t want to do with your dogs. Here are 6 things you should never do to your dog.

#6. Never Use The Wrong Collar

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If your dog’s collar seems a little too snug, get a new one right away. Each dog breed has its own specific needs when it comes to a collar. Some dogs need a collar that sits around the neck while others need a harness instead. Ask your vet about collar details for your pup and make sure it’s a perfect size!

#5. Never Share Dangerous Food With Your Dog

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You might want to give in to those puppy eyes and slip your furry friend a few bites off of your plate, but many foods are dangerous for dogs. Before you sneak your pup a few leftovers, make sure you do your research about which foods are healthy for dogs and which ones are dangerous.

#4. Never Let Your Dog Lead You

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When you take Fido out for a walk, make sure he’s walking beside you or following your lead. A dog that runs out in front of you might accidentally run into traffic. If your dog is exhibiting bossy behavior, get a shorter leash and work on training him to follow your lead.

#3. Never Overfeed Your Dog

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Treats are a great way to reward your dog with good behavior, but overfeeding them can cause health problems. Make sure you keep an eye on the scale when it comes to your furry friend to ensure they are at a healthy weight!

#2. Use a Crate as Punishment

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Dogs shouldn’t be sent to their crates as punishment. Their crates should be a place they enjoy. When they are sent there as a type of discipline, it confuses them and makes training harder.

#1. Avoid the Vet

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Yes, vets are expensive but they can save your pet’s health and even life. Dogs should see their vet regularly for checkups. If your dog is sick, don’t try to diagnose him at home. Let the professionals handle it.