9 Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

Looking for some easy ways to keep your dog busy and entertained?

Keeping your dog entertained can be a challenge. And trying to come up with new ways to keep your dog entertained can be more exhausting than actually getting up and doing it. dog home insurance

To help you out I’ve put together a list of simple ways to keep your dog busy indoors.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Dog Busy

Bored dogs get into trouble. We’re their main source of entertainment, so if we don’t give them stuff to do they’ll come up with activities of their own — and that’s when we end up with chewed up shoes and curtains.

By playing with your dog a few times a day you can decrease the likelihood of them developing destructive habits such as excessive barking or chewing.

There is a growing acceptance among scientists that play is very, very important and the type and frequency of play are a really good indicator of a dog’s quality of life. – Mark Evans, former RSPCA chief veterinarian

#9. Let Your Dog Look Out


It is not only cats that love looking out the window. Dogs will also love having a spot where they can look out into the outside world and watch whatever is going on. Beyond keeping them distracted, they also become familiarized with the goings-on in the neighborhood..

#8. Switch on the TV

You can also choose to leave your television on before you leave, putting it on a channel where there are animals. The sight and sounds of these other animals will stimulate your dog and keep him entertained. Of course, this is not something to do every single day, because this will also eventually become boring for your pooch.

#7. Make Your Dog Work for His Food

We give our dogs a nice comfy life — they get a warm bed, lots of attention, and all their meals for free. But our dogs were bred to work alongside us, and a lot of our dogs are missing out on some mentally stimulating activities. They’re natural scavengers, so having to work for food isn’t mean or unusual — it’s normal and mentally stimulating for them.

One of the easiest ways to challenge your dog’s mind is by making them work for their meals. You can make your dog perform some tricks before he gets his dinner, or you can have them eat from a food-dispensing toy.

#6. Play With Ice

Another source of fun and entertainment is a “frozen toy.” You just need to put some food or a treat in an ice-cream container, filling it with water and freezing it. Your pet will have lots of fun waiting for the ice to melt and revealing the delicious surprise for him to enjoy. Moreover, your dog will spend some of this alone time eagerly watching the ice melt and not engaging in any destructive behavior instead.

#5. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Hiding some goodies and toys all around the house will create something like a scavenger hunt for your dog. He can use his senses and find these rewards once he finds your hiding spots. Just make sure you only hide small amounts of tasty food, and not too much. Do not hide them where your pet likes to hang out, nor in places the dog cannot find or might destroy something during the search. Do not forget to clean them out every once in a while. You do not want any food items rotting or attracting pests.

#4. Look for Play Dates

Every once in a while, some social interactions with other dogs might be great for your hound. You can set up some play dates with the owners of dogs that your pet knows. Just make sure that you set up with someone your dog is comfortable with. Otherwise, he will just get stressed.

#3. Bring Your Dog to Daycare

These kinds of facilities are becoming more common so that that dog owners can leave their pets somewhere they will be taken good care of. If you have a social dog that can also easily adapt to different environments, then your pooch might enjoy it. Of course, it is important that you get more information about what services and activities they have for dogs and even visit the facility first. You can then get a feel of the place and the staff, to help you decide if this is a good place for your dear dog. You can also do a trial run to see how your pet will react.

#2. Hire a Walker

If daycare is not an option for your dog, you can still hire someone to walk him every day. This is also a great idea for very active pets, especially if you do not have enough time to exercise him as well. In such cases, it is vital to hire a walker. Otherwise, you will have to suffer destructive behavior at home. Just make sure that you hire someone you can trust.

#1. Keep Your Dog Calm

Your pet might become anxious when you leave him alone every day for 8 hours, and this leads him to chew or destroy everything he can at home. This is why you should try ways to keep your canine calm during this alone time.

One idea is to apply essential oils that have a calming effect, like lavender or peppermint, on the dog’s bed. This simple trick is enough to keep him relaxed. There are also products like natural herbal tonics that can be added to his meal just before you go to work. It will help him calm down and bark less.

On the other hand, there are also dog pheromones that can be used in the collar that mimics a familiar scent and can lead to a relaxed behavior.