How to Get a Scared Dog to Trust You

Whether you’ve come across a long-time stray or a neighborhood pooch that’s escaped the yard, earning the trust of a stray dog can be tricky. The goal is to catch the dog without harming them or scaring them off completely, but we have to make sure we keep ourselves safe, as well. A scared dog can become aggressive when they are trying to defend themselves. Remember, they don’t know you’re there to help. Regardless of how you found the dog, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind when building trust.a dog’s journey google docs

#5 – Stay Completely Calm

a dog's journey google docs


First off, when approaching any dog for the first time, you need to remain calm. This can be tough. You see the cutest dog and they look so happy, excited and they seem to be welcoming. On second thought, they don’t if you approach them improperly. We need to come in peacefully and once you have earned their trust, we can gradually pick up our energy…Head over to the next page