9 Etiquette Tips For Dog Owners To Know

Dogs make a good company, dog owners understand how good it feels to walk with your loving pet outdoors. Playing with them at the park is also a great activity for the dog and owner; this is how to show your dog love among other ways. dr marty dog food serving size

We cannot keep the dogs from coming out so it is important to learn the basic ways to handle dogs while they are outdoors with us. It is a scary experience to witness a dogfight; the memories can leave little children scarred for a long time. We advocate that dog owners, especially first-time dog owners, should use the following methods to keep their dogs and others safe while outside the home.

9. Meeting another dog

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Dogs are extremely curious and they are also unpredictable especially when the owner is not paying particular attention. Please permit your dog to BRIEFLY greet other dogs, avoid a confrontational approach, and observe the body language of both dogs too. Your dog will sense your energy, it is important that you remain calm during this short meet with other dogs.

8. Always use a leash when taking your dog for a walk

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Using a leash will give you control over your pet. Every responsible dog owner should watch out for their dog’s safety by using a leash. Without a leash, your dog is free to run into oncoming traffic or approach other dogs that can attack it. There are many kinds of dog leash in the market, make a choice from the options if you don’t have a leash that you currently use. dr marty dog food serving size

7. Always seek permission from another dog owner in public

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You know your dog, but other dogs in the neighborhood are different. Always seek the consent of other dog owners before you permit any interaction between yours and their dog in public. The dog owner knows their pet and they will easily be able to determine if it is alright for your dog to approach theirs.

6. Be socially responsible for your dog in public

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Dogs will not hesitate to relieve themselves outdoors. It is important that you as the dog owner clean up after your pet. This will promote a cleaner environment where other people will not have to step on the poo and other dogs will also be protected from getting infections when they come in contact with your dog’s poo in the streets. Please pack it up and dispose of it properly.

5. Learn to understand and control your barking dog

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Dogs bark for many reasons, it is basically the only means through which they can get attention too. It is okay for dogs to bark occasionally, but if you notice your dog barking excessively, this is the time to take action. What you can do about excessive barking is to develop a means of distracting your dog when you notice it barking non-stop. Encourage your dog to come to you and reward it with treats when this happens. In a short time, you will be able to control your dog anytime it attempts to start a prolonged barking tirade.

4. You should consider getting your dog neutered

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Dogs that have been neutered are known to live longer because they are protected from fatal diseases like cancers, and prostate problems. It is also reported that neutered dogs are also better behaved.

3. Take responsibility for your dog’s actions

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Anything can happen in public. If your dog causes any form of loss to another person while outside, the dog owner should admit being wrong and make amends.

2. Pay attention to your dog while outdoors

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Paying close attention to your dog while outdoors will protect it from a lot of danger. Every dog owner should learn the basic methods of practicing obedience training. Dogs are one of the cutest animals, they seem even better when they are obedient and responsive to every command given by the dog owner. Learning how to show your dog love will also give you a better understanding of its temperament. This way, you will notice any impending negative reactions before it happens by watching your dog closely.

1. Learn how to show your dog love

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Well, you actually have one of the cutest animals ever; it should be difficult to learn the easy ways to show your dog love. Getting a puppy gives the dog owner the responsibility of bringing it up in a way that it grows into a well-balanced and developed adult. Never neglect the essential needs of your dog like water, food and a good place to sleep at night.

Experiencing what it feels like to be a dog owner once will make you love these pets even more. Many dog owners confirm they have had these cute animals all their lives, replacing them if something bad happens to their dog. As much as we love dogs, we should also learn how to love and take good care of them.